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Financial Bank Database

Abstraction Hierarchy:

Bank datamodel

The DDL statements for construction of the bank database:

database bank.

# base definitions here

type currency (I4)    = currency code, exchange_rate.
type office (I6)      = address, postalcode, town, telephone number, postal_giro, bank.
type head office (I6) = [office], region.
type branch (I6)      = [office], head office.
type holder (I9)      = name, address, postalcode, town, office, identification.
type account (I9)     = holder, balance, transaction_date, currency.
type current account (I9) = [account], dr_interest, cr_interest, cr_limit, cheque card, Eurocheque.
type mortgage account (I9)= [account], current account, interest, redemption method, collection_indication.
type saving account (I9)  = [account], condition, interest.
type business account (I9)= [account], dr_interest, cr_interest, cr_commission, cr_limit.
type stock (I9)       = account, nominal_stockvalue, purchase_stockvalue, purchase_date.
type share (I9)       = [stock], number.
type bond (I9)        = [stock], start_number, last_number.