A Data Manipulation Language for Relational Data Structures
J.H. ter Bekke

Some queries on a relational database are analyzed. This analysis results in new concepts for a high-level data manipulation language. In the proposed language the cardinal number concept from set theory is applied, using semantic information on the contents of a database. Each query formulation in this language consists of a small number of easily manageable expressions. This means that the simple relational data structures also are reflected in the programs which operate on these structures.
Keywords: relational data model, data manipulation language, database, data structure, set theory, cardinal number, subset invariant.

Publication Data
Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Very Large Data Bases,
Book Title: Systems for Large Data Bases, pp. 159 - 168
Editors: P.C. Lockemann and E.J. Neuhold
Publisher: North-Holland Publishing Company
Year: 1976

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