Complex Values in Databases
J.H. ter Bekke

Shortcomings of the relational data model have led to two different approaches for supporting complex values: the object oriented approach, in which they are modeled as a unit and represented as such in the database, and the semantic approach, in which complex values are derived from a simple conceptual structure. This paper contains an overview of the pros and cons of both approaches. An analysis indicates that generally derivation of complex values is superior to modeling and representation of complex values.
Keywords: data modeling, object oriented databases, semantic databases, user interfaces, view independence, data independence, knowledge representation.

Publication Data
Proceedings International Conference on Data and Knowledge Systems for Manufacturing and Engineering, Hong Kong, pp. 449-455.
Editor: Nelson Chen
Publisher: Dept. of Systems Engineering, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Sha Tin, Hong Kong
Year: 1994
ISBN: 962-442-052-4

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