Semantic Data Modeling (first edition and second print)
J.H. ter Bekke

About the Book
The book explains the fundamental concepts and general principles of data modeling, with practical cases to illustrate the theory where appropriate. Recent developments in the database area have been included. The book is organized in four main parts:

Relational systems have become widely accepted the last few years. However, many pitfalls have also been discovered in the relational theory. This book presents an in-depth analysis of the problems and offers a deeper understanding. By putting emphasis on the semantic structure of a database, reliable solutions are created for both data modeling and data manipulation problems. The theory is based on both theoretical and practical research. It is illustrated with many examples and exercises. Semantic Data Modeling offers a sound basis for an education in modern data modeling techniques.

Publication Data
  • Semantic data modeling (first edition)
    Publisher: Prentice Hall International
    Year: 1992
    ISBN: 0-13-806050-9
    Out of print

  • Semantic data modeling (first edition, second print)
    Publisher: TU Delft, Faculty ITS, Delft, The Netherlands
    Year: 2001