Recursive Queries in Product Databases
J.H. ter Bekke and J.A. Bakker

The relational data model does not offer query language solutions for recursive applications. A missing semantic update operation is the fundamental reason for this failure. It is shown that a semantic data model can solve these applications using simple linear constructs for definition and manipulation, without explicit recursion, nesting, iteration or navigation. The new implementation technique is reliable and efficient for application in end user environments. It is based on semantic query specification and metadata processing. Experiments with the semantic Xplain DBMS have confirmed the linear time complexity for product database applications.
Keywords: recursion, bill of materials, query language, semantic databases, expressive power, semantic modeling.

Publication Data
Flexible Query Answering Systems, Proceedings 5th International Conference FQAS 2002, Copenhagen, Denmark, October 27-29, 2002, Lecture Notes in Computer Science (Subseries LNAI) Volume 2522, T. Andreasen, A. Motro, H. Christiansen, H. Legind Larsen (Eds.), Springer-Verlag, Berlin-Heidelberg (2002), pp. 44-55.
Year: 2002

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